Fight to Lower College Textbooks Costs on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON D.C. – A push to bring down the cost of textbooks is in the works on Capitol Hill.

The Affordable College Textbook Act was introduced in support of the creation and use of open college textbooks, which would allow students, professors, researchers, and others to freely access the materials.

“It’s a way of putting pressure on the textbook companies, which have been driving the cost of textbooks higher and higher,” said Senator Al Franken. “An 80 percent increase in the cost of textbooks in the last 10 years.”

Research has shown a student spends an average of $1,250 on textbooks and supplies every year, leading students to work longer hours during the school year, as well as make the decision to refrain from purchasing necessary materials for their courses. Roughly 65-percent of students have decided not to buy a textbook because of cost.

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