Great Outdoors: Nikki Jumps With Skydive Duluth

A View of Lake Superior While Free Falling In The Air

Many in the Twin Ports can’t get enough of Lake Superior’s beauty, but only a few take the chance to see it free falling from 11,000 feet in the sky.

Out of 3 million jumps per year, there are only 21 deaths according the National Parachuting Association. That means a person is 24 times more likely to die in a car accident on trip over the airport hangar.

Skydive Duluth in Superior says it’s a dangerous activity that is safe, due to precautions taken by the people involved.  With a location in Superior, they say the opportunity is like no other.

“This the best view anywhere in the Midwest,” said Skydive Duluth Owner, Dean Beaudoin. “Normally places are located out in the middle of nowhere, this is in the middle right in the city area.”

People who choose to make a tandem jump must sign waivers, watch a short safety video, and get a short lesson in skydiving technique before getting on the plane.

Beaudoin is a certified professional with more than 5,000 jumps under his belt. He wears two parachutes incase the first fails to open.

“Two chances to live,” said Beaudoin. “I think it’s worth it.”

It’s about 25 minute plane ride up to the jump zone about 11,000 feet in the sky. Free fall lasts about 30 seconds, and the parachute to the ground about five minutes.

“More people should try it,” said Beaudoin. “You think you have to be adventurous, young or in great shape. None of those things are true. Almost anyone can jump from an airplane.”

It’s the emotions that Beaudoin says makes him love his job.

“It motivates me that people enjoy the jump, and Have a lot of fun at it,” said Beaudoin. “It’s a unique experience.”

Skydive Duluth will do limited jumps this fall, and resume a full schedule next spring. For more information about booking, click here.

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