Knowing Your Neighbors: The Rambler Food Truck

DULUTH, Minn. —

Wherever it’s parked for the day, there’s always a line outside The Rambler, a food truck in Duluth.

Rambler owner Jonathan Reznick describes the experience from inside the kitchen:

“You’re always on the go,” Reznick says. “You’re always thinking about the next move. You are in a normal kitchen as well, but there’s always places to go; there’s always food to prep; there’s always business to be had.   So it’s go go go.”

Reznick had the idea for a food truck back in 2010; two years later it was a reality.

“We started in the summer of 2012,” Reznick said.  “And been rockin’ ever since.”

Reznick and his partners are always researching new recipes.

Whether they come from past restaurant experience, cook books, or even online, the menu is constantly updating and rotating.

“I like to say that we put a gourmet spin on street food,” Reznick said.  “It’s not necessarily all deep fried, super-greasy [stuff].  We like to get creative with what we’re doing.”

Matt McDonald joined Reznick at the beginning of this season.

McDonald also loves that the menu isn’t set in stone.

“We’re an American food truck,” he explains.  “It’s hard to wrap us up in a label. I like that our menu is expansive.  And that’s great.  It gives us freedom to cater to the audience that we’re serving.”

McDonald and Reznick have been friends for a couple years now, and bringing on a tag-team partner just seemed to make sense.

“I had worked at a couple restaurants here in Duluth – cooking at a couple, managing one – it was a chance to really get outside of my element,” McDonald recalls.

This isn’t your average kitchen, though.

Working in a food truck, these guys are able to be face to face with the people they’re cooking for.

“We get to have an experience with customers,” McDonald explains.  “We get to develop a rapport with them, talk with them, and establish a relationship. A lot of times in a restaurant you don’t get to talk with the customers.  That was something I was missing out on.”

The season is nearly over, but it’s created a special bond between these two guys, working side by side in such close quarters.


“We spend a lot of time together,” McDonald says with a smile.  “All the time.  We talk.  We hang out.  We laugh, we have fun.  We go to movies.  And now, I get to work with my best friend.  And I mean, what’s better than that?”

Family, friends, and good food – that’s the recipe for success on The Rambler food truck.

Their season is officially over at the end of October.

To check where The Rambler is located, check out their Facebook page.

Also at the end of October, Jonathan Reznick and his staff are opening Mid-Coast Catering, which will operate year-round.


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