Wisconsin Legislatures Trying to Renew Sulfide Mining in State

Full State Senate Still Has to Vote on the Bill

MADISON, Wis.-A legislative committee has approved a Republican bill that would end Wisconsin’s sulfide mining moratorium.

The Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry voted 3-2 to approve the bill Wednesday. All three Republicans on the committee voted for the bill. The two Democrats voted against it. Committee approval sets up a full Senate vote.

Wisconsin lawmakers enacted legislation in 1998 requiring companies seeking to mine sulfide ores such as copper, zinc and gold must prove similar Canadian or U.S. mines have operated for 10 years and been closed for 10 years without causing pollution. The state Department of Natural Resources has never made a final determination that any applications fit those standards.

The bill’s chief author, Sen. Tom Tiffany, says sulfide mining could jump-start northern Wisconsin’s economy.

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