Duluthians Survive Mass Shooting In Vegas, Talk Post Trauma

'Oh My Gosh, We Could Die Right Now'

DULUTH, Minn. – Four Duluthians are sharing their stories of survival – people who feel lucky to be alive after dodging bullets at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas. Nearly 60 people were killed and hundreds more injured. And while the four survivors made it out alive, the post traumatic streets is very real, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

“We were literally sitting ducks in a rainstorm of bullets,” said Jolene Luczak, a survivor who works as an X-ray technician at Essentia Health.

“You just didn’t know which way to go. You kept running and it sounded like it was getting closer. It was just — it was unreal,” said Kurt Honor is a business owner of Top Notch Home Finishing.

Leah Byrne, a director at Visit Duluth, said everything became very clear when people started screaming and falling to the ground around her.

“Oh my gosh, we could die right now. This is crazy. And that when it kind of sunk in for me,” Byrne said.

For Brianna Hess, who owns the Colour Lounge Salon & Spa in Duluth, it was coming face to face with a young woman clearly in distress.

“She was bloody, and she was running so fast. And I like looked at the girls and I was like we need to run,” Hess said.

Since that night, and although thankful to be alive, there have been a lot of sleepless days for the four, with emotions ranging from sadness, fear and even guilt.

“It really bothers me that I ran. That really bothers me right now because so many brave people who didn’t have any idea of what they were doing — they helped and they were there,” Luczak said.

“I don’t think things have actively processed. I’m still just trying to wrap my head around everything, and ya know, I’m, paranoid,” Hess said. “It terrifies me to go back into a big city or into a big crowd right now,”

Meanwhile, as each of these survivors process their own path to healing, they realize they’re the lucky ones — as some are dealing with so much worse.

“I can’t explain the hurt that I feel for those families,” Luczak said.

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