Grandparents Parenting Over Again

Parents That Lose Kids Over Opioids Or Alcohol Have Kids Sent To Grandparents

PROCTOR, Minn- Some would say that parenting is tough to begin with, but what if you had to do it all over again as a grandparent? Sadly it’s not uncommon in the Northland for grandparents to have to become a parent once again because of the choices made by their children. Parents that abuse drugs or alcohol are seeing their kids taken from their homes. Instead of having the children awarded to the state for foster care. Grandparents are stepping up to care for their grandchildren.

To help with the dramatic change, the Proctor Early Childhood Center is now providing a free class called “parenting again”. The grant funded class allows the grandparents to meet other grandparents in the same situation. It’s a chance for grandparents to talk about what they’re going through while receiving support.

“They have to learn about self-care. They have to learn how to pace themselves because we’re older now. We can’t do what we used to do. The sad part is the child has not only lost his grandparents, he’s lost his parents and grandparents,” Judy Kreag, Parent Educator at ECFE Center.

Don and Peggy Unulock of Proctor were once retired and quickly found themselves having to care for their 2 year old granddaughter. It was the choice they wanted to make, but say it has changed everything in their lives.

“We had to learn to like things that we didn’t like to do in a hurry. Our lives changed completely. Our schedule is all different now; it’s all based on our granddaughter,” said Don Unulock.

The fall session of the class has come to an end but representatives at the childhood center are working towards opening up a winter session.

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