Northland Gun Seller: ‘Bump Stocks’ More of a Novelty Item

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The nation is still reeling after a lone shooter in a Las Vegas hotel carried out the deadliest shooting in modern u-s history.

In the aftermath, 58 are dead and hundreds are wounded; now some federal politicians are calling for action.

“The congress can do more than send thoughts and prayers after these tragedies and even though this is a relatively minor adjustment if we could act in concert, I think it would be a great signal to the country,” said Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.

Warner serves as the vice chairman for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Authorities say that twelve of the rifles the gunman – Stephan Paddock – used in the shooting were outfitted with bump stocks.

They’re a device that can potentially be used to make semi-automatic guns fire more rapidly.

“Guys hear about automatic weapons – they want to get the feel of an automatic weapon,” explains Scott Van Valkenburg, the owner of Fisherman’s Corner in Pike Lake.  “It’s just an accessory that goes on the back part of the stock that allows the recoil to reset and bump against your finger basically.”

Van Valkenburg says these bump stocks came on the market a couple years ago.

“We didn’t have a whole pile of calls about them,” he recalls.  “Guys just talked about them a little bit.  I think we got in a few and sold a couple, but just a couple.”

Van Valkenburg says that he feels these bump stocks – which aren’t available in his store at the moment – are more of a novelty item.

“The guys that got them never were really excited about them, they seemed to think they weren’t that big a thing,” he said.

But that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from calling on new regulations, and under fire are these bump stocks, something that could potentially be a starting point for increased gun regulations at the federal level.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says if bump stocks are able to get around laws prohibiting fully-automatic weapons, he’d support a ban on them.

“I didn’t know what a bump stock was until this week, so, I think a lot of us are coming up to speed,” Rep. Ryan said. “I’m an avid sportsman, so a lot of us are still coming up to speed on what that is.”

But for now, the “bump stock” has simply become a new buzz word in the ongoing conversation about gun control in the United States.

“We haven’t seen a big surge in business because of this one,” Van Valkenburg said.  “Ya gotta always remember – the guy was crazy and he was gonna do this damage one way or another. He didn’t have to have a gun.”

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