Moving Truck Too Tall For Duluth Bridge

Truck Becomes Wedged Underneath Low Bridge In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn- Saturday around 11:46 a.m., Duluth Police responded to 32nd Ave E above London Rd. in reference to a vehicle that struck a railroad bridge.

The Penske rental truck, which was 13 ft. 1 inch at its high point, was wedged under the bridge, which was marked as 10 ft 9 inches in height allowance,

The driver of the truck tried to drive under the bridge as he was going northbound on 32nd Ave e. The truck, which had much of the top of its cargo box peeled back, had to be removed by pulling it out with a heavy duty tow truck.

The driver was not injured. The North Shore Scenic Railroad halted all train traffic during the incident. This until St. Louis & Lake Counties Railroad Authority, who owns the property, had engineers inspect the bridge, which did not appear to have any structural damage from the impact.

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