Iron Range STEM Showcase

6th Graders Had Their Minds Working With All The Cool Stuff Around Them

DULUTH, Minn- 2,000 Northland sixth graders put on their thinking caps Friday, packing the Hibbing Memorial Building for the Iron Range STEM showcase.

“It’s really cool. It’s like a once in a life time thing,” said Christian Sterzinger, 6th Grader at Lincoln Elementary.

STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math continues to impact today’s classroom curriculum.

“Having hands on activities connects it to that individual person. They’re able to gain some confidence and they’re able to apply some creativity to the project,” said Araina Boyd, Event Coordinator.

Parents also like the idea of hands on activities in the classroom.

“They get to get out of their seat and do stuff and they’re not just sitting reading a book or listening to the teacher,” said Mom of the Anderson Family.

Bringing it out to the public, showcases what the range is all about.

“This opportunity allows them to not only see the educational opportunities that are available to them but also the industries that allow the Iron Range to thrive and grow. I think this really connects our knowledge to our future leaders,” said Boyd.

Whether it was magnetized goop, liquid nitrogen explosions, robotics, or breaking it down to baking a simple pie. Understanding STEM can last a life time.

“From the materials that we use every day that we mine here on the Iron Range, all the way through to the bread that was baked at the local bakery and the measurement that went in to make sure that their birthday cake came out edible,” said Julie Marinucci, President, Range Engineering Council.

The Range Engineering Council and the countless volunteers look forward to putting on the showcase each year.

“We have very generous donors and we have people that are very generous with their time and energy. It really wouldn’t happen without our volunteers. It’s 100% volunteer driven,” said Boyd.

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