Forum Held on Enbridge Line 3 in Grand Rapids

Enbridge Faces Criticism from Multiple Sides

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn.-Many people came out today to sound off on the Enbridge Line 3 replacement project.

Today’s meeting in Grand Rapids was one of many public meetings that have been held throughout the state on the project.

Recently the state’s Commerce Department came out against the project saying it’s not needed and won’t benefit Minnesota.

Enbridge has argued that it’s being built in a safe way to meet the demands of the growing oil economy.

Jennifer Smith, Enbridge community engagement manager, said they are taking the public’s concerns to heart, but they believe the route they want to take will  be environmental friendly.

One Iron Range resident offered a different opinion on the pipeline.

He told us today that he has worked in multiple energy fields and that clean energy should be in our future plans.

“I think we should be moving in the direction of clean energy,” said Bob Tammen, an Iron Range resident. “We aren’t going to abandon petroleum. We aren’t going 100 percent wind power. We should be leaning in that direction.”

Line 3 was built in the 1960s and runs across Northern Minnesota.


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