Lawyers Threaten Legal Action After Boy Not Allowed To Dance

A Superior Student's Experience Catches Attention of Legal Non-Profit

A non-profit legal organization is threatening the Minnesota High School League to change one of their policies, or face a lawsuit.

It’s an update to a story we brought you first on Fox 21 earlier this year.

A high school male dance student, from Superior is able to compete in Wisconsin, but forced to sit out in Minnesota competitions because he’s a boy.

Sophomore Kaiden Johnson is on the Superior High School Dance Team. Fox 21 first did a story about him about a year ago, after he first joined the team.

In December, Johnson’s team was supposed to compete against Minnesota schools and he was told he could not compete. A representative from the dancing association said Minnesota does not allow boys on dance teams due to a Title IX rule.

The Pacific Legal Foundation, a non-profit that specializes in constitutional law saw the FOX 21 news story and chose to get involved. The foundation says a person’s sex shouldn’t determine opportunities in high school, and they believe Minnesota’s rules violate male dancer’s constitutional rights.

The foundation sent a letter to the Minnesota High School League letting them know, they have three weeks to allow boys to dance or face a lawsuit.

“We need an answer by then because the dance season is about to start,” said Joshua Thompson, a senior attorney with the foundation. “Not only Kaiden, but hundreds of Minnesota boys who have contacted the PLF that want opportunities to dance at their high school.”

So far the foundation says it hasn’t heard anything from the league.

“They have been silent today, and they’ve been silent for 6 months,” said Thompson. “It’s time to justify the discriminatory policy, or change it.”

The foundation says the league needs to respond before November 3 or they will file paperwork in a federal court.

More information about the Pacific Legal Foundations work on this case can be found here.

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