Synthetic Drug Overdoses on Rise

No Known Way to Reverse Synthetic Marijuana Overdose

MINNEAPOLIS-Minnesota health officials say there’s been a spike in the number of overdoses from synthetic marijuana in Minneapolis.

The Star Tribune reports that last week alone Minneapolis hospitals handled at least 60 cases related to the synthetic drug, which causes hallucinations and violent behavior in some users and leaves others comatose. Officials say none of the cases has been fatal.

According to the 2017 Drug Abuse Trends report, Minnesota had 83 causes of synthetic drug use exposures last year. The report was compiled by a former director of the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division.

Authorities say regulation is difficult because the drug’s manufacturers regularly change the drug’s recipe to get around laws.

The Minnesota Poison Control System’s medical director says there’s no antidote for the drug’s various versions.

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