A Massive Pumpkin Arrives At Lake Superior Zoo

Grab The Camera And Take A Snap Of A 310lbs Pumpkin!

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s time to grab your camera as a massive pumpkin has made its arrival in the Northland!

A 310-lbs pumpkin has made its home at the Lake Superior Zoo on Wednesday morning. After picking the beast up off of the truck and unloading in it’s new patch… we found out this massive pumpkins journey began in April, as a seed, planted inside. Then it’s followed by six months of close care outside. Making sure the stem doesn’t wrap too tightly around it.

The “pumpkin king” says the trick to growing large pumpkins is to, “Pick their parents. We can’t pick our parents but we can the pumpkins parents and THAT is the trick!” explained Danny Tanner.

So picking the right parent seed, seeds the biggest pumpkins according to Tanner. Typically Tanner’s pumpkins are much larger, he’s even had one twice the size!

“Unfortunately we didn’t have the 80 degree days which it needs to really produce the big pumpkins. It was a very cold and wet summer.”

This was not the ideal summer to grow a large pumpkin. With only a handful of days in the 80’s, Tenner said he was lucky to even have this one since pumpkins are a warm weather crop.

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