“Petal It Forward” A Nationwide Movement To Brighten The Day With Flowers!

Flowers And Smiles Filled The Air Of The Twin Ports As Free Flowers Were Given Away In Exchange For A Good Mood!

DULUTH, Minn. — A Nationwide Movement to “Petal it Forward” took place in the streets of Duluth Wednesday morning.

As Engwalls Greenhouse employees stood outside of St. Lukes and Essentia Health, with over 800 flowers to give away!

“It was exciting for us to give them away and then we see people’s faces light up, people give us hugs. But the catch was, we gave them two bouquets so they had to go and find someone else and make their day too!” explained Engwalls Greenhouse Manager Larry Stute.

When it comes to flowers, it’s just as good to give them to someone as it is to receive, according to a newly released survey.

In just 30 minutes, every flower was gone and smiles filled the air. Receiving that extra bouquet was meant to surprise many and bring smiles to all, but to some, it meant so much more.

“It actually means a lot because I am going to give it to my Mom, who is like the world to me. She takes care of my four kids while I am here at work and it’s just an amazing thing. So it’s very nice that they are doing this.” commented Sarah Ward.

Research has revealed that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and long-term positive effect on moods. So be sure to “Petal It Forward” today and change someones day!

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