Girl Scouts Leader Reacts to Boy Scouts Welcoming Girls

Girl Scouts Are Not Interested in Doing the Same With Boys

MINNESOTA – The Boy Scouts of America made a big announcement on Wednesday. Girls will be allowed to join Cub Scouts and will be eligible to become Eagle Scouts.

We’re hearing from a different group about this: The local Girl Scouts.

Leigh Ann Davis is the CEO of the local Girl Scouts Organization, the Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines. She says that even though Boy Scouts of America voted to welcome girls to their organization, Girl Scouts is not interested in doing the same with boys.

“Girl scouting has always for over one hundred years believed that girls need an all girl environment for them to learn and explore,” said Davis.

Davis believes the opportunities offered by Girl Scouts are the best available for the 2.6 million girls in their programs nationwide.

Their program is set up so girls can choose their own adventure and do activities that interest them most.

“Girls can get anything they need out of our girl scout program,” said Davis. “Nobody can do it better than girl scouts when it comes to serving girls.”

She says that Girl Scouts have the same opportunities Boy Scouts do, including an equivalent to the Eagle Scout program.

“We have the girl scout gold award, so they would become a gold award girl scout and it’s the same thing,” said Davis.

Davis isn’t concerned about the Boy Scouts’ decision to include girls affecting the Girl Scouts’ numbers.

“We just came off of a membership increase this last year,” explained Davis. “We have more and more girls that are interested in joining our program and more and more volunteers who are wanting to help girls in this process, so we really believe we’re going to continue the strong membership trends.”

She encourages families to see what Girl Scouts can offer their daughters before they decide to enroll them in other programs.

“She’s going to get that same opportunity in girl scouting as she would if she were in a different program,” said Davis. “The difference is we think we do it best when it comes to giving girls those leadership opportunities.”

A local Boy Scouts leader told us that the scouts in this region will follow whatever parameters are set by Boy Scouts of America with regards to welcoming female scouts.

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