The 9th Annual Suicide Awareness Walk Strolled Through Carlton

Hundreds Walk Side By Side Supporting Those Who've Lost Someone To Suicide

CARLTON, Minn. — Today the 9th Annual Suicide Awareness Memorial Walk took place at Carlton High School. Friends, family and everyone was welcome to walk side by side for support on Saturday morning. As Minnesota suicide rates have been on the rise since 2000.


“I lost my son; it’s a very excruciating time. It was very painful. I felt that I needed to have people around me that understood what it was like with the loneliness.” Corinne Campbell explained.

Putting loneliness and pain at ease one step at a time, “It’s a healing time too, to be with friends and family and a community that supports you.”

Corinne Campbell lost her son 8 years ago but she has grown through the hard times.  “The looks that you get, from people that feel sorry for you. Obviously it’s been 8 years, I’ve learned a lot and grown a lot and this has changed me as a mother and as a person. It also has made me a better person because I feel like I don’t take the little things in life for granted anymore.”

After the walk, speakers told their personal stories of loss and shared the signs of decline both emotionally and physically before suicide. “I’m sharing my story in hopes that maybe I can help just one person out there.” explains Campbell.

It’s community collaboration for prevention of suicide as 2015 studies show middle aged males have the fastest suicide growing rate.


“I think the best thing for support for families is just to know that they are not alone in their grieving process. Suicide is a very hard death because it’s very individual and each suicide is different and every family handles it in a different way.” said Carlton County Public Health Educator Megan McLain. “Help is out there, please seek it if you or someone you know is in need.”

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