Northlanders Purchasing Space Heaters for Winter

Heaters Provide Great Alternative Until Furnaces are Turned On

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s now late October and that means winter is knocking on the door.

Northlanders are preparing for the cold season by stopping into local shops and buying space heaters.

They can be a great option for people who haven’t turned on their furnaces yet because of warm temperatures this fall.

“It’s convenient,” said Steve Marshall, owner of Marshall Hardware in Duluth. “You can heat a space that you’re going to be in. You don’t have to heat the whole house. This time of year especially, you don’t have to have your whole furnace running.”

Space heaters are also good options for heating pipes in barns and cabins.

Today’s heaters are very safe but it’s recommended to place them away from papers and other flammable material.

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