Success Continues for Designer Dogs

Designer Dogs Opened Over 35 Years Ago, Now They Continue to Stay Busy Year-Round

DULUTH, Minn. – Summer is winding down which means many animal lovers are spending more time inside with their furry friends.

Many local groomers are seeing an increase of business as clients look to freshen up their pets before a long winter indoors.

“Nobody wants a stinky dog. You’re in the house with them, they’re on the furniture, they’re on the beds,” said Debbi Skowlund, Co-Owner of Designer Dogs in Duluth.

After countless rain showers, mud puddles and outdoor playtime, the thought of fresh, fuzzy snuggles are now on the way.

For the past 35 years Skowlund and her team have worked with hundreds of dogs, providing the best fur styles in the Northland.

“We’re just dog grooming. There was a great need when we started,” said Skowlund.

Since then, building a boomerang customer base has been a number one priority.

“Working with dogs, it’s different every day. Clients just keep coming back to us so we must be doing something right,” said Skowlund.

She says over three decades; owners are now starting to emphasis an enhanced need for animal care.

“I think people think of their pets differently now. Thirty-five years ago a lot of people thought dogs should just be outside,” said Skowlund.

Pet parents now open the doors, letting their furry family members in for more quality time and care.

“We have a lot of clients who are beauty operators, and they’ll come in and say I thought maybe I could do this,” said Skowlund.

Owners deciding to leave this delicate operation up to the professionals.

“I would never attempt to do human hair either,” said Skowlund. “We like to make them cute. The dogs get to know us really well and the owners do too.”

This team of trusted groomers, dealing daily with constant movement and different behaviors.

“We’ve always treated them like we would our own dogs,” said Skowlund.

Keeping the finished product in mind, and valued customers coming back cut after cut.

“We have a lot of dogs who will come every four weeks, every six weeks so we really get to know them,” said Skowlund.

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