Cancer researchers at Essentia Health share work with community

Northlanders gathered at Clyde Iron Works to hear from healthcare professionals on cancer research

DULUTH, Minn. – Health professionals from Essentia Health hosted a gathering at Clyde Iron Works on Thursday to share with the public ways in which local researchers are studying cancer and treatments. Researchers there say it’s less about finding an all–out cure, and more focused on reducing deaths from cancer, improving the lives of those living with it.

“Research is how we get there,” Essentia Health oncologist Dr. Bret Friday said. “It’s designing new treatments that have less side–effects and more benefit. Managing the symptoms and side–effects of treatments, aimed at quality of life, and symptom management. It’s all of these things that help people live with cancer. Those are important things that we’re reaching by doing research.”

There are currently around 80 research studies going on in the Northland, through Essentia Health.

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