Northland Fall Colors From A Helicopter’s Perspective & Tours

Lake Superior Helicopters Took Us High Into The Sky On A Helicopter Tour Of The Twin Ports & Jay Cooke State Park

DULUTH, Minn – Flying High For Fall Colors!

It’s a busy time of year at Lake Superior Helicopters as many people head up in the sky to the fall colors.

As billions of trees pop yellow, red and orange against green pines, a unique perspective of the Northland’s changing terrain and lake, make flying high in the sky something special.

If you are nervous to fly and see the fall colors from above, Chief Pilot Eric Monson says,

“I have never had someone have a height issue who’s gotten into the helicopter, not enjoy the experience. The way we take off is completely different; it’s a lot like a magic carpet ride. Having that experience versus an airplane where you are getting accelerated across the ground and you have that little feeling in your stomach right away.”

Helicopter tours run year round and you even have a chance to see Bentleyville from the sky!

It’s not all just tours at Lake Superior Helicopter, it actually all started there with flight training and learning how to fly a helicopter.

“Right now the piolets that go through and get all of the certificates that we offer from beginning to end takes about two years. When they are complete, for those that get all the way through, we have a 100% employment rate. So we are really happy about that as well.” said Monson.

If you want to take quick a try at operating and flying a helicopter, they offer “Discovery Flights” where you can learn how to fly and take your turn in the cockpit.

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