Pumpkin Patch Train Ride Begins

Train Officials Believe It's a Family Affair

DULUTH, Minn.-The train ride that takes you to a secret pumpkin patch, has begun in Duluth.

The rides run through Sunday and lead to a patch of pumpkins railroad staff have been working on all summer, until they are just right.

North Shore Scenic Railroad officials told us today the event has become a family affair over the years.

“I think it’s a family thing,” said Ken Buehler, the general manager for the railroad. “We have grandparents bringing in the grandchildren for their first ever train ride. We have kids whose parents enjoy the railroad and now they bring them back. I think it’s really a family experience.”

To find out more about the Pumpkin Patch Train Ride, visit http://northshorescenicrailroad.org/Home.html.

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