Grant Creates Local Affordable Housing

A ten million dollar State Housing Grant makes impact on Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn.- More affordable housing options are coming to the Northland.

Friday Duluth’s Mayor Emily Larson announced ten million dollar State Housing Grant, that should have a big impact on the housing scene.  The grant will be going towards more affordable housing in the community. A 50 bedroom unit will be built at Garfield and Superior St. known as Garfield Square.

Back in 2012 floods disrupted a lot of Northland families, hitting Duluth housing hard. The new units will be a long term solution for health and safety concerns associated with a shortage of affordable housing. Mayor Larson explained the grant covers many housing needs.

“We have needs in home ownership, we have needs in rental, and we especially have needs for affordability,” Mayor Larson said.

Garfield Square will replace the Esmond Building formally known as the Seaway Apartments. Every unit will be equipped with full bathrooms and kitchens, which tenants at Seaway have gone without.

“The Esmond Building you know we’ve been fixing it up little by little,” HRA Executive Director Jill Knutson-Kaske said. “Keeping it a healthy place to live but it is still substandard housing.”

A big question many have been asking, what will happen to the Seaway Hotel?

It will be gutted down to the studs and totally rehabbed. In the future it will possibly have housing units on the top and retail at the lower level.

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