Local Lake Levels Rising

Lakes Rising Because of Summer Rain

DULUTH, Minn.-Due to some heavy rains this summer, the depth of Lake Superior is on a whole new level.

The lake was about 600 feet above sea level in September and that’s the highest it’s been since 1997.

Surrounding lakes and rivers in the area are also affected as they also rose because of all the summer rain.

Local experts tell us that this new lake level is not unexpected as the depth of the lake is always either going up or down.

“The lake fluctuates around between these high levels and low levels,” said Jesse Schomberg, a Sea Grant extension educator. “It’s nothing super out of the ordinary. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause problems for folks.”

Some of the issues with higher water levels are eroding away the shorelines and destroying property near it that were built when the lake was lower.

For more about the Sea Grant, visit this website: http://www.seagrant.umn.edu/.

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