Electric Fetus Hosts 30th Birthday Celebration

DULUTH, Minn.- One spot over the years has become a staple for the music scene in Duluth and is celebrating 30 years in running.

Saturday Electric Fetus celebrated its 30th birthday. If there’s one thing that was made clear at the party, it’s how much the independent record store offers the community.

“It’s one of the few places that local artists have a place to put their wares, you know their CDs, their T-shirts and stuff,” DJ Walt Dizzo said. “It’s a community resource for finding music both local and national.”

As shoppers walk down the rows of music, you will notice an abundance of purple tabs, all which represent music with Minnesotan roots.

“You go to a show and sometimes they have their music with them, sometimes they don’t, sometimes, sometimes you don’t want to spend the extra ten bucks you’d rather get an extra beer,” Manager Carrie Brown said. “So you know you can always get it here at the Fetus.”

It’s also a hub for clothing, gifts, and decor. For many it is a community.

“It’s a place where you know you can actually be amongst everybody else that is like you,” former employee Eric Edwardson said.

Music lovers gathered enjoying cake, while listening to local bands, such as Superior Siren.

“We really support the local music scene and obviously they help us, we help them,” Brown said.

The birthday is special, but the store is known for hosting many fun live events.

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