Aunt of Beheading Victim Shares Message of Forgiveness

Family Shares Forgiveness Message to David Haiman's Killer

More than a year after a horrific brutal murder on the Iron Range, some family members of a Hibbing man tell us they are finally getting some closure.

Back in June of 2016, 20 year old David Haiman was beaten, stabbed, and beheaded by a Grand Rapids couple, Kayleene Greniger and Joseph Thoresen.

Thoresen was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison earlier this year, while Greniger plead guilty to second degree murder, and was sentenced just last week to 30 years in prison.

At that sentencing the victim’s aunt addressed the court with an unexpected message, relief that David got justice and forgiveness.

David’s aunt Amanda Anderson says a sermon at her church and the words in the bible lead have helped her cope with the grief, and start the process of healing. She wrote a letter to Greniger and read it aloud at her sentencing.

“I was able to look into her eyes, and tell her that I love her, and I forgive her,” said Anderson. “Just making eye contact and seeing her as a human girl. The woman she could be. Looking into her eyes was so powerful.”

Amanda says she’s able to forgive Greniger because she confessed and showed genuine remorse.

“Kayleene was sorrowful over the past year, she never wavered on her responsibility and actions,” said Anderson. “We should be joyful she’s finding the lord. God is coming to a point in her life, she knows she did wrong, there’s still hope in the lord she can have.”

Anderson doesn’t want this chapter to close with the letter, but hopes there will be a continued relationship.

“I would love for her to consider me to be family for her,” said Anderson. “I would be so honored to be part of her life and to help direct her.”

Anderson hopes Kayleene will write her back while she’s serving her sentence.

Amanda says forgivness is not easy, and right now it’s difficult now to offer the same love to Joseph Thoresen.

“My forgiveness is there when he wants it, I had a hard time forgiving him,” said Anderson. “Maybe it’s because he was the older man, and fighting his case so much.”

In the end, she believes what she’s’ doing is what David Haiman would want.

“I think David is happy he’s getting put to rest finally, happy we’re finally at the point of forgiveness and that Kayleen is at the point of repentance.”


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