Winter Preparation Tips

Are you prepared for the first snowfall of the season.

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s been a warm October in the Northland, but we could be seeing some now later in the week. FOX21 has winter preparation tips.

Northlanders are use to the cold and snow, but an unexpected snowfall or frozen windshield can sometimes set you behind schedule. Don’t be thrown off guard, add some of these items to your shopping list. Burggraf’s Ace Hardware offers plenty to keep your household in-check during the chilly months. When shopping for larger items, make sure you ask questions.

“So we have a bunch of different selections of snow blowers,” Burggraf’s Ace Hardware manager Kenzie Kane said. “It depends on kind of what you’re doing it you’re doing more commercial or kind of residential.”

Talking with a representative helps ensure the snowblower is a good fit. If you have a little helper in the driveway, you can find supplies for the whole family.

“Kids can come in; get their hats, their mittens, get a shovel and help mom and dad out,” Kane said.

Trail Fitters offers a wide array of winter clothing from thermal gear to a simple wind resilient jacket. Deciding which you need to take to the checkout line, all depends on your winter plans.

“We’ve had a lot of people coming in really that are really excited snow is coming this weekend,” shift manager Sam Brueggman said. “But then we’ve also had people who are not so sure about it and not ready for it, which I get also.”

Wearing layers are key during the upcoming months. The store has a mannequin to reference, showing which style of clothing- should be worn for each layer.

“Probably look at getting like a good water proof layer and then something with some insulation,” Brueggman said.

Another winter tip, create a safety kit to keep in your car. A blanket, flashlight, hand warmers, and candle will make a huge difference in an emergency.

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