Wisconsin Man Claims to Have Made World’s Largest Ball of Twine

James Frank Kotera (JFK) Has Been Working on the Ball for 38 Years

HIGHLAND, Wis. – A Highland man claims to have made the world’s largest ball of twine.

He’s been working on it for thirty-eight years and says the twine ball now weighs more than eleven tons.

James Frank Kotera, or JFK as he calls himself, is one of a kind.

“I was born February 2nd, 1947. Groundhog’s day. The world’s walking talking working JFK groundhog twine man having a ball,” said the twine man James Frank Kotera (JFK).

For the last thirty-eight years, he’s been building a one of a kind spectacle in his back yard.

“I just said to myself, JFK, I’m going to be the world’s JFK twine man. There’s no other JFK twine man in the world.”

JFK says his ten foot tall, eleven ton twine ball is now the world’s largest.

“Twenty two thousand eight hundred twenty pounds. I take a whole bunch of twine, put it in the garbage bag, weigh it on my scale how many pounds of twine that is, each time keep adding it on.”

Every day, JFK adds more twine to the ball using a pattern to ensure it never falls apart.

“Do each side. I go on the top of the step ladder and do the top and go down, do the side and the bottom.”

He remembers the very day he started this project of a lifetime.

“I started April 3rd, Tuesday, 1979, when I stopped my drinking.”

Since then, JFK has stayed sober. All the while, building a tourist attraction that brings in people from all over the world.

“London, England, Russia, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Las Vegas. They all have a ball,” said JFK.

He works on the ball as much as he can May through November.

“Thirty eight years. I work on it four hours, six hours, eight hours, having a ball.”

Other twine balls, like the one in Darwin, Minnesota, are also touted as being the world’s largest. But JFK says his twine ball deserves that honor because he made it all by himself.

“There’s no other twine people like JFK. The only JFK twine man in the world.”

JFK encourages anyone to come “have a ball” with him by dropping by to see his twine ball. He has a guest book that he wants all his guests to sign.