Jobs Cut at the Lake Superior Zoo

The Lake Superior Zoo cut jobs as part of a budget sustainable program.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Lake Superior Zoo started facing many challenges after the loss of the polar shores exhibit. On Monday twelve positions at the Zoo were cut, as part of a revitalization process. 

Ten workers at the zoo were laid-off on Monday, two of the twelve jobs were unfilled. The layoffs are helping create a sustainable budget plan; to help the Zoo live in its projected revenues and prevent asking for additional funds from the city of Duluth.  The cuts are a first of many changes to get the zoo back on track.

“Now the focus is going to shift in November towards raising funds,” Lake Superior Zoo CEO Eric Simonson said. “We’ll be working with private donors and corporations to try and shore up a strong capital campaign.”

The CEO said cutting jobs, is the hardest part of the process. The Zoo is heavily relying on a bear exhibit, coming in the near future to bring in revenues. 

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