Grounds Crew at Glensheen Prepares for First Snow

Northland Uncovered: Prepping Plants for Winter Freeze

DULUTH, Minn. – The grounds crew at Glensheen Mansion is preparing for the upcoming freeze.

It’s big undertaking as the workers winterize the fountain in the formal garden by draining and scrubbing it, then covering it in plastic.

They also harvest the rest of the vegetables and rake leaves.

“The changing of the season always happens at different times this close to the lake. So, we’re still mowing the grounds and trying to keep up with things still growing even though it’s the end of October,” said Hannah Erickson, Lead Student Gardener at Glensheen.

Erickson tells FOX 21 it’s an honor to preserve the land the Congdon’s loved so much.

“I remember when I first started working here we planted a bunch of cottonwoods. As I finished planting the first one I looked at it and thought I could bring my grandkids here in 30, 40, 50 years and say I planted that tree when I was in college. And there aren’t many jobs where you can say that kind of thing,” said Erickson.

Glensheen is now hosting flashlight tours through October 30.

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