High Waves Batter The South Shore

Gale Warnings & Storm Warning Issued Today From High Waves

ONTANOGAN, Mich. — The strong winds created giant waves on Lake Superior on Tuesday, battering the south shore.

Gale Warnings and Storm Warning were issued on the lake.

Winds were sustained out of the north at 25-30mph with gusts up to 45mph over land.

Over the lake they were sustained at 30-40mph with gusts up to 60mph at times.

This created 8-10 foot waves near the Twin Ports and wave heights approaching 24 feet near Ontanogan and portions of the south shore.

“These big waves and the huge amount of water the waves are bringing on to the shore causes erosion along the beaches which could reduce the dunes. Also there are homes and businesses near the lake which could get flooded and some roads to. So it’s a dangerous day near Lake Superior.” explained National Weather Service Meteorologist┬áCarol Christensen.

Strong winds are expected again on Thursday night into Friday that will again batter and erode the shorelines.

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