North Shore Scenic Railroad Prepares Trains for Winter

Northland Uncovered: Transitioning Trains for Cold Months

DULUTH, Minn. – As the leaves continue to fall of trees and temperatures stay chilly, many of us are getting ready for winter.

Some museums in town are also making a transition for the cold months.

North Shore Scenic Railroad officials tell us they need to use several hundred gallons of antifreeze to get all the radiators ready for winter.

The Number 28 Steam Engine needs to have the engine throughouly cleaned to remove the ash pit and debris.

Volunteers also remove all of the water.

“The crews have been working on that all last week and it’ll probably take them another week just to blow out all of the tubes. And all of the connections and all of the feeder lines and all carry water, and of course you can’t have that sitting in there because it’s going to freeze and split those pipes,” explained North Shore Scenic Railroad Executive Director Ken Buehler.

There are no train rides happening at this time while the volunteers transition the engines and cars for winter.

Rides will start back up at the end of November with the Christmas City Express and Bentleyville trains.

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