Apricot Boutique Vacates Downtown, Moving To Miller Hill Mall

Less Foot Traffic And Other Factors Prompted Move

Apricot Lane Boutique announced today that they will be making the move to the Miller Hill Mall. Leaving another vacant spot in downtown Duluth. Wendy Myers, owner of Apricot Lane says that it’s not just one factor for why she’s making the move it’s a combination of many. Myers says that she has seen her ups and downs in the 5 years that’s she’s owned the business located on the 300 block of w. Jefferson St. In downtown Duluth.

But one major factor that has slowed business was the removal of the Bagley Jewelry store. Bagley’s, a store that stood for more than 110 years in Duluth closed their doors October of 2016. The foot traffic that was once generated by Bagley’s was diminished and that’s one reason why she decided to move. There are more factors on why she believes downtown isn’t suited for her anymore.

“I think the weather has a lot to do with it. Parking has a lot to do with it and construction has a lot to do with it. With all the things that have been going on and all the things that are going to be going on in downtown, I think it made sense for us,” said Myers.

Myers says the new store will be located inside the miller hill mall next to Victoria’s secret in the space that once stood as vanity. She believes that accessibility will be the biggest change.

“I’ve gotten lots of feedback from our customers that are excited about the announcement. It’s hard for them to get down town. It’s more accessible to them, that’s the most important thing is we’re more accessible to our customers.”

She will be settled in to her new space the week of thanksgiving. Thursday the boutique also announced an exclusive partnership with Pandora Jewelry and that pairs up with her already exclusive deal with Brighton Jewelry.

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