Chisholm City Council Votes to Remove Kevin Scaia

Council Approved Code of Conduct at Wednesday Meeting

CHISHOLM, Minn. – Wednesday night Chisholm residents spoke out at the city council meeting calling for councilor Kevin Scaia’s resignation.

Later in the meeting, Councilor Tracy Campbell proposed a resolution also calling for his resignation.

Campbell also proposed a values guide and code of conduct for the council.

Both were approved by the council.

Scaia is accused of groping a woman.

Scaia was at a local bar in Chisholm when he allegedly reached around a woman at the bar and grabbed her breasts.

“I myself am up to here with no transparency. I’m embarrassed to be a citizen of Chisholm,” said Chisholm resident Andy Enrico.

“Councilor Kevin Scaia currently has before him significant personal issues which has unreasonably consumed the time of the city council, staff and agents and has unreasonably distracted from the efficient conduct of the business of the city,” said Councilor Campbell during her proposal.

Scaia is set for court November 30 on fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct charge.

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