Discover Transportation Duluth

DTA And Jefferson Lines

DULUTH, Minn- Tonight the Duluth Transit Authority and Jefferson Lines celebrated another year of getting you from point A to point B. During the 2nd annual Discover Duluth Transportation event, staff from the DTA and Jefferson Lines were on hand to meet with residents about transportation needs and wants. They were also on hand to talk about how important transportation is within the city and for the growth of the city.

“I think they see transportation as an important part of the growth of the city. Not only just in the city and how it ties to outer areas of Duluth. As well as being connected to the rest of the state and the rest of the MidWest,” Kevin Pursey, Director of Marketing, Jefferson Lines.

Technology, another big subject these days and Jefferson Lines is the first bus company to provide a “track my bus” app for its customers.

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