MPCA Hosts Public Forum For Sulfate Regulations, Mining Supporters Not On Board

Could Cost Mining Town Millions To Upgrade

CLOQUET, Minn- The City of Cloquet became the location point for a public hearing involving new sulfate and wild rice standards proposed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

It’s a change mining supporters say is over the top and could severely hurt their operations and the economy on the iron range.

However the agency says the proposed changes are spot on and would raise Minnesota’s standard for sulfate discharges into the water to protect the future life where wild rice grows.

“We believe it really a precise innovative approach that protects wild rice and is stringent enough to protect the wild rice but also isn’t over protected where that perfection isn’t needed,” Catherine Neuschler, Manager, MPCA.

Mining supporters say the proposed standards are based off of poor science and would cost mining companies hundreds of millions of dollars to implement which they believe could eventually close mines on the iron range.

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