Glensheen Suffers Storm Damage Near Shoreline

DULUTH, Minn. –The Glensheen Mansion was not spared by the brunt of today’s winter storm.

The shoreline attraction in Duluth was hammered by high winds and big waves earlier this morning.

Dan Hartman, the director of Glensheen, says the shoreline suffered damage from the rocky beach to the boathouse.

Hartman says the boathouse lost half its door, allowing water from Lake Superior to enter.

“Part of the boathouse door that broke off this morning we found in Tischer Creek down along the way,” he said.  “This is just one really powerful storm.  These are the largest waves I’ve ever seen here at Glensheen.”

Hartman further says the beach area lost at least a dozen chairs into the water.

He estimated the highest waves at around 15 feet.

“As the creek hits the shoreline over here, they really get some size to them,” Hartman said.  “That’s partly why the shoreline is so destroyed.”

The Glensheen director then explained that the boathouse won’t make it through the winter unless the effort to repair it begins as soon as possible.

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