Duluth Paranormal Society Investigates What Can’t Be Explained

Over the Past Six Years, the Group Has Found Paranormal Evidence All Over the Northland

MOOSE LAKE, Minn. – A team of paranormal investigators took on a challenge this month braving the halls of a supposedly haunted school searching for ghosts.

Have you ever experienced something you can’t explain? Strange noises in your basement? Lights that turn on and off by themselves?

Well, the Duluth Paranormal Society investigates those strange situations and tries to find answers.

“That’s why we’re here, to try to catch some of this stuff, to help people find out what they’re hearing and seeing,” said Andy Paszak, one of the lead investigators at the Duluth Paranormal Society.

For the last six years, these investigators have discovered paranormal evidence all over the Twin Ports, including at landmarks like the William A. Irvin, the Nopeming Sanatorium, and the old Moose Lake High School.

“There’s a lot of history in the Duluth area from the shipping and railroad industry, all the housing, the medical history that’s happened in the area,” said Paszak.

The twelve person team conducts several investigations every year, responding to calls from people who need something explained.

“I think a lot of people have experiences and they just keep their mouth shut because they think they’re crazy,” said April Ledeoux, a new member of the Duluth Paranormal Society. “Did this really happen?”

“We will do anything from UFOs to Bigfoot if we get called, but our main expertise is finding paranormal entities and ghosts and helping people out with that,” said Paszak.

They set up cameras and audio recorders and sift through their findings.

“As soon as we hear it come through on a recorder, the first thing we want to do is make sure that it is a legitimate entity, something that one of the investigators can’t make, somebody outside can’t make,” said Paszak. “We want to eliminate all the possibilities and make sure there’s zero explanation for it.”

Most of what they find can be explained away, but many of the investigations turn up what they consider paranormal evidence.

“I was in a house once and I heard some breathing in my ear,” said Paszak. “That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

They present many of their findings to the public. Of course, not everyone they talk to is a believer.

“I do not believe in ghosts and I just wanted to see what ‘evidence’ they’ve gathered,” said Keith Carlson, who attended their presentation in Moose Lake.

But the society has evidence they think proves there’s something beyond the normal world.

“I’ve see people who said they don’t believe in ghosts and then they’ll say oh that was just the wind or that was this that was that and no, not really,” said Ledeoux.

If you have a suggestion for an investigation, you can contact the Duluth Paranormal Society here.

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