Medical Discovery Team Has New Home

Hoping New Home Relieves Workplace Stress

DULUTH, Minn- Duluth now has a new home for their Medical Discovery Team. In the new quarters, they hope to gain better knowledge on diabetes and dementia in the Native American communities around the Northland.

In 2014 Medical Discovery Teams or “MDT’s” were created in Minnesota through support of Governor Mark Dayton.

The Duluth-based team has a new facility to work out of that will get them out of the normal office setting in hopes to relieve stress to better help their research. They hope by being out of a typical office setting the team will be able to focus on dementia and diabetes in the Native American community. To better understand why they are 3x more likely to have diabetes which they say down the road turns into dementia.

“The studies have shown that if we conduct team science in which we interact more with each other. The different disciplines actually can literally kind of hang out at a kitchen counter and talk. It expands and increases our ability to came up with creative ideas,” said Neil Henderson PhD, Executive Director of Memory Keepers.

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