Hermantown is not Receiving LGA in Upcoming Budget

Local government aid cut in Hermantown due to a glitch.

HERMANTOWN, Minn.- Hermantown is receiving no local government aid for the 2018 budget.

This is the fourth year the city has received a cut in LGA. Back in 2016 an unintentional error caused the city to receive less LGA than the state determined. The glitch was corrected, but it was too late to fix the city from getting funding in 2018. Hermantown is receiving $66,000 of LGA for 2017, but it is much less the city should have be given.

“We’ve had to adjust our revenues and expenditures to make up for that,” City Administrator John Mulder said. “Imagine what you could do with an additional sixty thousand dollars in terms of impact both on taxes or getting things done in the community.”

The next step for the city, is getting the word out to legislature to fix the problem.


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