Local International Club Celebrates Diverse Community

Local college international club brings community together with authentic dishes.

DULUTH, Minn.-The University of Duluth Minnesota hosted the annual International Potluck, giving Northlanders a taste of other cultures.

The potluck gives community members an opportunity to interact with the UMD International Club and a free hot meal.  Saturday afternoon the line wrapped around the building at the Hope Methodist Church. Authentic dishes from around the world were served up, bringing people together as they shared traditions with one another.

“So I know everybody, even our volunteers when they come up to us they think it’s a rewarding experience to be able to cook for all these people and get to share their culture with them,” UMD international club president Levi Staine said. “So feedback has always been very positive.”

“We invite; churches, the YMCA, professors, students, little kids it’s an all family event,” UMD international club Vice President Kupa Madzima said. “People just come together, talk, have food, and enjoy a good time.

The event is sponsored by various multicultural clubs from UMD. The celebration continued later in the evening with appearances from multiple performers at the Red Heron Lounge.