Talent Shines At 7th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition

Competition provides an event for dancers of all backgrounds.

DULUTH, Minn.- The 7th annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition took place Sunday, honoring Kruger who was known as a local break dancing pioneer.

The competition brings together dancers from diverse backgrounds. Some performances were choreographed in the studio and others mastered their skills out on the streets, which is where Willie Kruger’s love for dancing originated.

“There’s no competitions around like this anymore, it’s all about dance school competitions, and we still have kids from the street that dance and they have nowhere to dance,” organizer John D’Auria said. “So Willie’s vision was to bring kids together no matter what the style.”

The crowded room was constantly cheering after performances of a variety of styles; hip hop, ballet, and tap. The unique routines also gave dancers an opportunity to learn techniques from one another and show-off their skills close to home.

“I was really excited and I was really proud of myself and all that,” dancer Addison Elder said.

Three judges with different backgrounds in dance, choose a second and first place winner for each age group.

“It’s awesome having all the lights on you, everyone watching and cheering you on its just awesome,” Tanner Hagen said.

“Just being around your friends and the community it’s great,” Dylan Latour said.

The community coming together on November fifth, means a lot to the Kruger family. Sunday’s competition not only honored Willie Kruger but helped the homeless as well. On-goers were asked to bring hats and mittens for donation.

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