Essentia Health Introduces New Surgical Robot

Robot Is Expected to Help Patients Heal Faster After Surgeries

DULUTH, Minn. – Essentia Health has a new surgical robot that’s expected to help patients heal faster after surgery.

Surgeries performed by robots allow patients to spend less time in the hospital, feel less pain, and take fewer medications.

St. Mary’s Hospital in Duluth performs more than four-hundred robotic surgeries every year. With the new robot, they can expand that even more.

“This is just a complex instrument that allows us to have full dexterity, finger motion, wrist motion, elbow motion working through an incision that’s millimeters in size,” said Dr. Paul Tonkin, the Medical Director of Robotic Surgery.

“We’ve been doing robotic surgery here since 2004. I’ve done thousands of cases during the time of our program and it’s just nice for people who want to stay local to have great care close to home.”

Today, the medical robotics team showed off the new robot and their surgical simulator used for training.