UWS Students Hold Sit-In Protest

Students Want University to Reconsider Suspending 25 Academic Programs

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Students at the University of Wisconsin-Superior held a sit-in protest against the University’s recent decision to suspend twenty-five academic programs.

The University has said offering fewer programs will help first generation students make better decisions.

Students gathered in the Yellowjacket Union to write letters to University administrators urging them to reconsider last week’s program suspensions.

Many students, alumni, and faculty want the University to suspend their decision affecting twenty-five academic programs until a solution is found involving the whole community.

Students say they will not stop protesting until administrators include more voices in their decision making process.

“We want them to do what we’ve done this past week, to have forums with students and with faculty to make a decision holistically as a community together rather than have them just set this in stone because, to be truly honest, we will not take this,” said Megan McGarvey, a digital cinema student.

“We want them to know this is not just going away,” added McGarvey. “We’re going to continue to let our voices be heard. We’re going to continue to encourage fellow students and faculty members to participate in this as well.”

An online petition to Chancellor Renee Wachter has almost five-thousand signatures asking her to reinstate the suspended programs.

Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. students and alumni will hold a rally between the Yellowjacket Union and Swenson Hall. A big goal is to show the university how many in the community disagree with their decision.