Snow Is Flying At Mont du Lac Ski Resort

This Weeks Great Outdoors


Just last year on this date, temperatures were soaring 20 to 30 degrees above normal. For the ski hills making snow was weeks away. In this week’s great outdoors we head to Mont du Lac Ski Resort in superior where the snow is already flying.

“The last two years, everybody had a tough time getting open before Christmas,” says Mike O’Hara, Hill Manager at Mont du Lac Ski Resort.

Lake Superior affects the northlands weather greatly, changing her mind when she wants.

“It’s warmer here. This is my gear all morning since about 7 o’clock. We like to see everybody in a jacket, that’s about snow making time,” said O’Hara.

So far this fall Mother Nature and Lake Superior seem to be on the same page. Dry air, cooler than normal temps, have allowed for the flakes to start flying.

“The most important factor I think is humidity. The air only holds so much water if you want to try and put several hundred gallons of extra water into the immediate environment it needs to be dry,” said O’Hara.

Finally, resorts are getting a jumpstart on winter for a change.

“Just like our counter parts down the street, we’re all equally excited about winter actually coming like it’s supposed too,” said O’Hara.

As long as Mother Nature continues to cooperate, the snow pack being established will stick around all winter.

“We need a good hard base, and we need to build that using snow guns and snow sticks and a lot of compressed air, and this is what you get,” said O’Hara.

The snow board and ski season is right around the corner.

“This is what we’re here for, this is why we buy all of this equipment, and then we have to make some snow for everybody,’ said O’Hara.

Right now Mont du Lac has their season pass going for just 99 dollars on their website.

If all goes as planned the resort will be up and running on Black Friday. The link for the $99 season pass is below.

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