Jacob Wetterling Foundation Teaching Elementary Students About Personal Safety

There Were Two Sessions For Students In Grades K-5

DULUTH, Minn. – The Legacy of Jacob Wetterling continues to live on with the Jacob Wetterling Foundation’s efforts to promote kids’ personal safety.

Students at Bay View Elementary in Proctor learned first-hand how to keep their bodies safe, follow personal safety rules and locating adults they can trust.

“Even in a 50 minute presentation five-year-olds are moving their hands identifying adults in their families, people here at school that they can go to if they were to need help,” said Bay View Elementary in Proctor Emily Vos.

These type of activities are meant to be an easy approach when talking about a serious issue.

“We want to empower kids so that they can feel confident in their school, in their community and build strong ties with both the school and the community,” said Vos.

An evening session is also being held for families to participate in learning these valuable lessons.

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