Lake Effect Snows to Tally Up For Northlanders

A quick update on the snowfall this evening. All of the Northland is seeing some light to moderate snowfall this evening but accumulations will come to an end of about 80-90% of the area by the overnight period. The exception will be for the South Shore and also the Borderlands where some lake effect snow will occur. You read that correctly. The Borderlands will see some lake effect snow from inland lakes in Southern Canada.

High resolution models are showing these snowfall bands overnight which will accumulate to several inched by the morning hours as a very cold arctic air mass moves into the Northland. This will be the coldest air so far this season. With large lakes being ice free since it is very early in the season, there will be enough instability between the cold air and the water temperatures of these lakes that lake effect snow will develop.
Snowfall totals will differ over short distances but we should see some of the higher totals between one and four inches by tomorrow afternoon. As for the South Shore, lake effect snow will develop tonight and continue through the day tomorrow.

The heaviest snowfall totals will be in Iron and Gogebic Counties where totals will top up to 10 inches with a few localized areas closer to a foot of snow.

-Chief Meteorologist Gino Recchia

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