Duluth School Board Releases Numbers

Outperformed National Average On ACT Test

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth School Board released its annual education report for the district. Parents, Teachers and Students were all on hand Thursday night. Among the report reading and math proficiency increased district wide by 8.2% compared to the 2012 / 2013 school year.

The district out performed state and national averages for their scores on the ACT test. District officials say it’s a step in the right direction to close the disparities between education equity in the area.

“In the coming weeks were going to be pulling together advisers form throughout the community. We’re going to bring in focus groups. We’re going to have public meetings to talk about exactly what that means for our community,” said Bill Gronseth, Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools

“We’ve got differences in academic outcomes for students in our school district based on income and based on race. So that’s the number one thing I’m most passionate about and want to work on tackling with our board and with our staff,” said Josh Gorham, Incoming School Board Member.

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