Family of Teen Fatally Shot by Officer Speaks Out

The family and community are mourning the loss of the 14-year-old boy involved in a police shooting.

ODANAH, Wis.- FOX 21 is learning more details about the teenage boy fatally shot by an Ashland County Deputy, family members believe this all could have been avoided.

“He was just a kid outside,” cousin Christian Delgado said. 

The 14-year-old, identified by family as Jason Pero attended Ashland Middle School. Pero was in the school band and a member of the Native American Club.  Classmates tell FOX21 Pero will be remembered for his great sense of humor. One family member Christian Delgado, describes Pero as harmless.

“Just kept to himself, didn’t bother anyone, really good,” Delgado said.  “Just wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

The loss of the 14-year-old boy has truly shaken the community. A vigil has been set up, near the area where the shooting happened. The incident was addressed at school, the day after the shooting. Grievance councilors were on hand for students. 

The superintendent tells FOX21 it’s hard to answer questions from students right now, because there are so many unknowns this early in the investigation.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the place; boys, girls, it didn’t matter,” Ashland superintendent Keith Hiltz said. “There’s a deep hurt there and a lot of anger a lot of confusion how a 14-year-old boy could be involved in a police shooting.”

Meanwhile authorities did recover a knife at the scene, after 911 reports of Pero walking down the road with a knife.

Delgado believes Pero was unarmed and describes what a neighbor saw.

“He just came outside and just saw Jason laying there. He told the cops ‘what are you doing put your gun away,’ the cop wouldn’t listen, he was just still freaking out about it,” Delgado said. “They’re trained to not handle situations like that, I mean the last person Jason would have hurt, was somebody sticking up for him.”

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