UWS Ceremony Acknowledges Student Veterans

The University of Wisconsin Superior honored student veterans.

SUPERIOR, Wis.-The University of Wisconsin Superior honored nontraditional students with a special set of skills, obtained from serving in the armed forces.

Currently 130 students at UWS are veterans.

Representatives from the University said veterans truly enhance campus culture.

“The experiences you gained and learned in the military in invaluable, you don’t get them anywhere else,” Veteran guest speaker Craig Fellman said. “Come ready to share those experiences, come ready to talk about them in an interesting way.

The celebration was all about acknowledging what UWS veterans have accomplished and veteran students as individuals. Six students who go above and beyond were called up on stage, during the Henry Bloomberg Excellence in Service Awards.

“They’ve done so many things and are continuing to do so many things in the community,” student services coordinator¬†Monte Stewart said. “I think that’s really what is important.”

Many students at UWS enroll straight out of active duty. The Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center help them transition into college and transition into the civilian life as well.

“I think it is both the time to remember what they have done but then in fact realize that from this point forward they are veterans,” Ashland Sen. Janet Bewley. “They have something to share with us and we have a responsibility to them.”

The ceremony also reminded community members, we can learn a lot from the veterans around us in the Northland.

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