Annual Beacon Lighting Commemorates 42nd Anniversary of SS Edmund Fitzgerald

It's the only time each year visitors can climb to the top of the tower while the beacon is lit and revolving after dark.

TWIN HARBORS, Minn. – Nov.10 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Edmund Fitzgerald freighter sinking into Lake Superior.

Split Rock has been the site of the memorial since 1985 to make sure those men are not forgotten.

In 1975, the ship sailed out of Superior with nearly 26,000 tons of ore on-board. The Edmund Fitzgerald sailed by Split Rock the night before it disappeared.

“It’s amazing the people we get from not only the Twin Cities, out of the state and from all parts around the country that show up for this,” said Split Rock Historic Site Manager Lee Radzak.

Marty Moody has come to all of the memorial ceremonies at Split Rock. He says it’s an important part of history that he remembers.

“We think of the families that are involved. They’re a lot of people in this area that have families that were touched by that,” said Moody.

An estimated 1,500 showed up for the event.

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